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Sponsors, not only do you support your local high school sports and reach out to the community, you also reach out to potential customers. Check out our sponsors page to find out why you should advertise with us.

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EZA Offers a wide range of Spirit Items. T-Shirts, Mini-Footballs, Car Flags, Tote Bags, Banners, etc.. and we are always adding new items. Check out our Products page.

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EZA offers FREE Spirit Items to High Schools Nationwide. SIGN UP NOW to receive FREE Spirit Items.

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End Zone Athletics is your home for Spirit Item Fundraisers...
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Welcome To End Zone Athletics

End Zone Athletics is your home for Spirit Item Fundraisers. Please take a moment to look at our Spirit Items on our Products page.

End Zone Athletics is committed to helping your High School with its fundraising needs. We understand that school fundraising is a burden on Teachers, Parents, and Students. End Zone Athletics prides itself on making sure that our fundraising programs are fun and popular for everyone.

Unlike other fundraising programs that require schools to purchase items and then re-sell them with no guarantee of a profit, we remove the burden by providing high quality spirit items absolutely FREE!! The school keeps 100% of the PROFITS!

Its easy to sign up, just click here or call 1-800-391-3730 for an agreement form. End Zone Athletics will then coordinate all sponsorships, production and shipping. End Zone Athletics is frequently adding new spirit items to the product line. Please check back soon! If you have any questions please contact us.

News Update

January 28, 20134 years ago

End Zone Athletics Donates Foam Fingers to Colts Coach Chuck Pagano's Super Fans

End Zone Athletics and American Excelsior were proud to recently sponsor foam fingers for NFL Colts Coach Pagano's Super Fans. Read more
June 8, 20125 years ago

New Basketball Banner Design

Check out our new Basketball banner designed by our awesome design department!
March 2, 20125 years ago

Texas HS Athletic Directors Convention

End Zone Athletics has been gearing up for the Texas High School Athletic Directors Convention to be held in Dallas. Read more
December 30, 20115 years ago

Louisiana H.S. Coaches Association

End Zone Athletics visited Louisiana to offer coaches a face to place on our free spirit item sign up forms. Read more
December 30, 20115 years ago

Christmas at End Zone - 2011

Christmas at End Zone Read more
December 29, 20115 years ago

New EZA Website

EZA has a new website with more features. Read more
December 29, 20115 years ago

How to Promote School Spirit!

Serious business is spirit in Wisconsin. Read more

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End Zone Athletics Welcomes applications from serious minded people with a passion to make a positive change to our community .

We would like to meet you, and probably have you join our well motivated team of associates. Please submit our Employment Application Form on our website, to commence the process.